Soak It Up

March 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

We simply adore Jacqueline Sava, founder and brains behind Soak wash. Every knitter knows Soak and many use it to wash their knits.

Jacqueline was kind enough to sit down with us recently for a brief interview.


Be Sweet (BS): How did you start Soak? Did you see a need in the market, was it an idea that just came to you…?

Jacqueline Sava (JS): I used to design knitwear and people always asked me how to take care of it. Our customers had a modern take on life and fashion, so we wanted to offer them a modern solution for fiber care as well. Now, we’ve got a warehouse full of Soak! We’re all still wearing my stylish knits.

circa 1999

circa 1999

BS: How long have you been knitting and who taught you?

JS: One might say I learned how to knit when I was about 12. My mother might say I never learned how to finish a project though! I took up knitting again at RISD, when I met a knitting machine for the first time. It was love at first sight. So, my mom taught me, and then the knitting machine and I fell in love.

BS: What do you like knitting the most?

JS: I like projects where I can learn new skills, and where each section is different, so it’s always a challenge. It’s not a garment specific answer…


BS: What is your favorite Soak scent?

JS: Yuzu, the new scent is my current favorite. Celebration will always be right up there as well. Yuzu is both fresh and seductive. It’s also amazing in our Handmaid luxury hand creme. It’s like a little dreamy treat every time I use it.

BS: We hear you love our T-Shirt yarn. What do you knit with it and is that your favorite Be Sweet yarn?

JS: I love knitting quick projects with T-Shirt yarn. Necklaces are my go to item. Quick fun projects that have great style appeal when worn. Plus, they’re casual, so they are great for everyday at the office. It’s also the perfect gift project. Admittedly, I also love that every time I see a stash at a store or show, it’s always different, so even though it’s production yarn, I feel like it’s a bit more unique and that I’ve maybe scored a one-of-a-kind skein.


BS: I am a huge fan of the Soak soaking bins. What else does Soak offer?

JS: Our latest and greatest innovation is the Soakbox. This limited edition Soakbox includes a bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury creme, stylishly matched to premium nail polish and custom hand-dyed yarn from Lorna’s Laces. Pattern included by the lovely and talented Fiona Ellis.  There’s one to match each Soak fragrance.


BS: Your favorite sweet treat?

JS: Truth be told, I’m a savory girl. I’d choose chips over sweets… unless there was mint chocolate chip ice cream nearby.


Thanks, Jacqueline! We heart Soak and we know our readers do as well!


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