Magic Ball-Inspired Poetry!

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

We were contacted recently by Judith Heron, a poet and knitter of Be Sweet yarns. Judith wrote a poem for us after knitting up some of our Magic Ball and we are excited to share it with you! Our first Be Sweet-inspired poem!

Poet & Knitter Judith heron

Poet & Knitter Judith Heron


Be Sweet

A found poem from the label of yarn


Who names a yarn company Be Sweet,

tells the place where the Angora goats

descended from? Describes the lineage

from Tibet to Turkmenistan and on

to Turkey where the yarn was reserved

for royalty. Tells more. 1830, Turks sent

a group of does and castrated bucks

to South Africa. How one doe, pregnant,

gave birth to a male kid. How through

interbreeding with local stock

a hardier Angora goat flourished – still

produces over half the world’s mohair –


the miracle does not stop here.


In a rural region of South Africa the yarn

is hand spun and dyed by women who

no longer have to work hard labor

in pineapple fields. Overseas the yarn

is marketed to other women – who can

afford thirty dollars – who take home

into well-lit houses a Magic Ball, knit

a scarf to accessorize their wardrobe.

Then read, in comfort over tea, how

some money goes to the local school,

wonder who named it Forest Fruits, who

knotted together so carefully their yarn.

-Judith Heron


Thanks, Judith! We are so thrilled to have been immortalized through your poetry!

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