Knit Notes Success!

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

We love hearing knitting success stories, readers! This knitting success story is especially close to our hearts because Manda Powers used our Knit Notes to create her first sweater design. Manda sat down with us recently and let us ask her a few questions about her knitting…
Be Sweet (BS): When did you start knitting?
Manda Powers (MP): I started knitting in September 2012 after I realized being a housewife was a bit lackluster. Something about the quiet repetitiveness of knitting mixed with a bit of creative spark spoke to me.
BS: Who taught you?
MP: I would say that I’m self-taught but really I learned how to knit from all those who have posted videos on the internet!
BS: What inspired you to pick up Knit Notes and design your first garment?
MP: When I was twelve, I swore that I would grow up to be a fashion designer. I made sketches of all sorts of clothes every chance I got. That dream got replaced by many other dreams to follow but once I started knitting, I felt that dream resurface. I flirted with the idea of becoming a knitwear designer but thought that dream was so far off. I then came across Nadine Curtis’s Knit Notes. I flipped through the book and imagined it filled with sketches and charts and photographs of my work. And it was a beautiful sight! Now her book is a definite must in my yarn bag.
BS: What is your favorite Be Sweet yarn to work with?
MP: How can I choose just one?! I suppose I have favorites for different reasons. My first favorite is Cotton Candy. I find it so user-friendly because of the many colors to choose from and the fact that it can be used for a variety of projects and gifted to a variety of people. My second favorite is Bambino Taffy. It’s so thrilling to knit with and see one color evolving into the next as each stripe is completed.
BS: What are your favorite things to knit?
MP: Hats offer a great feeling of self-satisfaction for me. They are knit up so quickly and are easy to experiment with new techniques and stitches. And they keep me warm!
BS: What are you planning on designing next?
MP: I’m always designing something, whether it’s a good design or bad. However, knitting the design is another matter. Currently I am focusing on a spring sweater with a variety of lace stitches. I’m definitely thankful for all the charting space in the back of Knit Notes!
BS: What is your favorite sweet treat?
MP: I can never resist a homemade oatmeal cookie. Or a ginger cookie. Or a molasses cookie. Or a ginger molasses cookie!
IMG_2665Thanks, Manda!

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