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I don’t know any knitter that doesn’t love Webs! Located in Northampton, MA, Webs has a heavy online presence and a HUGE yarn store (complete with the warehouse in back full of steals and deals that would make any knitter cry with happiness). Owned and operated by Kathy and Steve Elkins, two of the nicest people in the business, Webs is a haven for all knitters. They carry some of our yummy Be Sweet yarns and we were thrilled to have Kathy sit down and chat with us early in the new year.
Be Sweet (BS): What is your bestselling Be Sweet yarn?
Kathy Elkins (KE): Our customers love Be Sweet yarns but the bestseller is the Bamboo.
BS: Do you have a favorite color way of ours?
KE: In Magic Ball I love Forest Fruits but the overall palette in the Brushed Mohair was what really sold me on carrying the yarn.  It wasn’t just one color, but how they all work together and have just the slightest air of sophistication to them.
BS: What is your favorite Be Sweet yarn?
KE: I’d have to say Bamboo and Extra Fine Mohair are in a dead tie.  Two very different yarns but  I love them both.  Bamboo has such great, saturated colors and the fabric it creates is soft and drapes beautifully.  I love the texture of the EFM and how the colors work together.
BS: Do you have anything you want to share with our readers?
KE: We our proud of the selection of yarns we offer and consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to work with suppliers such as Be Sweet.
BS: What is your favorite sweet treat?
KE: Before kids and this crazy world of yarn, Steve and I lived in Boston for many years. We had a favorite restaurant called The Vault. As you might expect, it was housed in an old bank building in the Financial District.  On their menu was a “Warm Fudge-y Brownie”.  I’m not a huge dessert eater but trust me, all desserts are measured against the Warm Fudge-y Brownie. I’ve had a couple of desserts along the way that have come close, but never have I found one exactly as good.  Unfortunately, The Vault no longer exists.
Thanks for sitting down with us, Kathy! We heart Webs and are happy to be part of your store!

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