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A few of you have asked for the answers of the trivia to be posted, so here we go!


Day 1

Question: What South African tribe has made an investment in the future by learning new skills and producing high-quality goods that connect their lives to yours for Be Sweet?

Answer: Xhosa Tribe.


Day 2

Question: Where and what year did Be Sweet start?

Answer: Be Sweet was started in 2003 while founder Nadine Curtis was living in Cape Town, South Africa.


Day 3

Question: How many colors of Be Sweet Bambino Taffy are available and what is the most popular Be Sweet pattern knit in that yarn?

Answer: 8 colorways of Bamboo Taffy and the most popular pattern knit in it is Tanis Gray’s Sweetie Pie Hat. The pattern is free on the label!


Day 4

Question: What is Be Sweet founder Nadine Curtis’ son’s name?

Answer: Pixley.


Day 5

Question: What is the closet yarn shop to Be Sweet’s headquarters?

Answer: Bluebird Yarn & Fiber (right down the street from Be Sweet!).


Day 6

Question: What is the new line of yarn called that Be Sweet introduced last year?

Answer: Simply Sweet.


Day 7

Question: How far does a hive of bees fly to bring you one pound of honey?

Answer: Over 55,000 miles!


Day 8

Question: What is one of the oldest textile fibers still in use?

Answer: Mohair.


Day 9

Question: What do pandas love to eat that humans love to knit with?

Answer: Bamboo.


Day 10

Question: Who made Fair Isle popular and “cool,” what type of garment was this person wearing and what year was it?

Answer: HRH The Prince of Wales (who would later become Edward VIII) started the trend while playing golf in 1921.


Day 11

Question: How many balls of Be Sweet Cotton Candy would it take to go around the circumference of Earth?

Answer: The earth is 52,626,768 yards in circumference and Cotton Candy is 130 yards. That means you need 404,821 balls to go around.


Day 12

Question: How many hanks of our Be Sweet Satisfaction yarn is the equivalent to the average weight of a Christmas tree?

Answer: The average Christmas tree weighs 35 pounds, so if each hank of Be Sweet Satisfaction yarn is 50g, you’d need about 318 hanks to be the equivalent weight.

Christmas Tree 01.jpg9890ed15-4f99-4266-b53a-356cd535f281Large


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