Icelandic Landscape

November 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

We stumbled across this amazing article recently on Mental Floss about Eszter Burghardt. Eszter makes Icelandic Landscapes almost completely out of wool. The article says…

It’s one thing to love the natural beauty of a particular country, but it’s an entirely different matter to make incredibly detailed dioramas as a reminder of the time you spent there—especially when that creation is constructed from little more than wool.

Canadian-Hungarian artist Eszter Burghardt has done exactly that with her Wooly Sagas series, which was inspired by the time she spent in Iceland as an artist in residence. Each of the miniature landscapes is based on a different aspect of the country’s natural beauty; it looks like they’re made with nothing more than wool and a bit of water—proving that the material can be used to make much more than just itchy winter sweaters.


Eszter Burghardt is a Canadian-Hungarian artist based in Vancouver BC, Canada. She has been taking part in international artist residencies in Iceland since graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2001. As an interdisciplinary artist her paintings have been exhibited across Canada and in the USA. Her photographic and sculptural work began to grow in 2009 after completing an artist’s residency in Iceland.

Her work  was selected as a winner for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Festival in 2010. In 2012 she was awarded a Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant to travel to the Canadian Arctic on Baffin Island to work on her new series about Arctic animals. She is represented by the Herringer Kiss Gallery.

See more of her incredible work here.
How’s that for thinking outside of the box?

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