Vihreä Vyyhti

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

You know by now that we are very proud of stores that carry our Be Sweet yarns. These stores become part of the global Be Sweet family and we like to show them off to you now and again.

Today we’d like to introduce you to a Finnish shop, Vihreä Vyyhti.  Vihreä means green and Vyyhti means skein. Green Skein!

Owner Lea Oksanen has been running her yarn store for 14 years and her website for 12. The shop is located in Hakaniemi Market Hall, which opened in June, 1914. In two years when it’s 2014, the Market Hall will have its 100th anniversary! The Hakaniemi Market Hall is the biggest Market Hall in all of Scandinavia and operates on two floors. The 1st floor is home to all of the food and 2nd floor has all the shops selling clothing, toys, kitchen items, arts and crafts, a cafeteria and this wonderful yarn store. The Hakaniemi Market Hall is also very popular among the tourists. The shop also sells yarn to Finnish customers by mail.

Lea was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions…

Be Sweet (BS): What is your bestselling Be Sweet yarn?

Lea Oksanen (LO): Bamboo. It has great colors and great quality.

BS: Do you have a favorite color way of ours?

LO: The bright colors are all my favorites!

BS: What is your favorite Be Sweet yarn?

LO: Bamboo and Bambino Taffy. They are both wonderful.

BS: Do you have anything you want to share with our readers?

LO: I have had the Magic Balls and Bambino Taffy for two years and the Bamboo since beginning of this year. The yarns and the mission of Be Sweet are great. I’m happy to be a tiny part in Be Sweet’s Fair Trade mission, to bring a better life to the women and their children in South Africa.

BS: Are we’re super happy to have you be part of that as well! What is your favorite sweet treat?

LO: Ice cream. Especially gelato, but unfortunately – or luckily – I get it only very occasionally when I’m on holiday in Italy.

Lea also shared some cool patterns with us done in our Bambino Taffy. These have both been published in the “Eco Yarn” book in Finland. Both designs are by Sanna Vatanen, with photography by Sami Repo.

Thank you for sharing your stunning shop with us, Lea! If you find yourself in Finland, readers, be sure to check out Lea’s shop!



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