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We wanted to share Fibershed with you, readers. Fibershed is a non-profit organization that provides experiential education that both generates awareness, and teaches the necessary skills within our community to build and sustain a thriving bioregional textile culture that functions hand-in-hand with principles of ecological balance, local economies, and regional organic agriculture.

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Founder Rebecca Burgess says, “I really hope to see many-a-knitter at this event.  All the micro-yarn projects that the local farmers are working on will be showcased– along with information about how to process your own fibers if you want to make your own yarn, among many conversations about breeds, and quality of fiber in our region.”

Read below for more information…

Cradle to Cradle textile systems: Papermaking

 Paper was once made solely from the remnants of worn out clothes. Rag collection from old textiles was the resource of choice over trees just a few hundred years ago. Come to a beginning papermaking workshop with Michelle Wilson. Learn how to make paper from both rag and invasive plant materials, and how to translate this process for use in the ecologically focused classroom. Both teachers and the general public are welcome participants in this course. You will see the process start to finish and walk away with some beautiful paper, as well as a working knowledge of the process. Limited to 8 students.

Date: Oct. 13th 10:30am-3pm

Location: Richmond, CA

Tuition: $75

Fibershed Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium:
What’s growing in the backyard of the Bay Area?

Many of us are asking: How do we start a bioregional textile economy that does no harm? First step: Answer the questions “Who is growing what fibers, how are they growing them, and where are they located?” Come to the first regional raw material symposium focused on answering these questions. Meet and greet those who raise the animals that clothe us. Panel discussions from our regions ranchers and farmers, shearers, as well as emerging fiber entrepreneurs. This is a rare opportunity for designers, artisans, small and large scale clothing companies, and young farmers and ranchers, as well as the eco-conscious wearer who wants to understand what local clothing means from the ground up.

Date: Nov. 17th,  10am-3pm

Location: Point Reyes Station, CA

Cost: $40 general admission; $20 for students and seniors

Online Registration:


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