Planet Purl!

September 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’re HUGE fans of Planet Purl here at Be Sweet and we’re excited to announce that our very own Nadine Curtis will be chatting with Planet Purl founder, Beth Moriarty today!

Click here to listen to the LIVE conversation between Nadine and Beth. The chat starts at 12 noon, EST and the link will activate 10 minutes before noon. Not only will Beth be giving away a copy of our brand new Knit Notes, but Nadine will be announcing a very cool contest with a fantastic prize. Be sure to listen in to learn more! If you can’t join the conversation live, the chats are archived so you can listen at any time.

New to Planet Purl? Founder Beth Moriarty says:

Isn’t yarn the greatest travel souvenir? Welcome to Planet Purl, the knitter’s guide to the galaxy.TM Here we combine two of life’s greatest pleasures — knitting and traveling.

Soon after I starting knitting again after a 30 year hiatus from the needles, I also began to travel more. I’m a very organized traveler with checklists and packing charts (I know, I know. You should see my yarn closet…) so I added another item to the list — addresses of yarn shops at my destination. I mean, can you take home a better souvenir of your travels than yarn?

So the search was on… I “googled” for yarn shops in Paris, Venice, Savannah, Chicago, Portland, and countless other destinations near and far. I ended up searching through literally hundreds of pages of knitters’ blogs looking for evidence of knitting life in my destination cities that could lead me to a yarnaholic’s holy grail. It was incredibly time consuming, inefficient and rarely resulted in an address or other necessary information to find the shop. It would have been easier to just use my highly developed sense of smell to sniff out the yarn.

Seriously, I hardly had time to get my grey roots touched up and to color code my itinerary before the trips because I was so busy searching for yarn stores! Well, I couldn’t very well travel with dark roots and a one color itinerary… so I started Planet Purl. So, no more searching blogs for you, my knitting friends! And because it doesn’t help to know where the shop is unless you can ask for “purple mohair that knits on a size 8 needle.” I threw in knitter’s travel dictionaries in 19 languages.

I hope you enjoy traveling the galaxy with us, on the road or from the comfort of your favorite knitting chair. Let us know if there’s something we can do to make your travels with us even more fun.


See you there! We’re so excited!

Nadine Curtis


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