Mary Sibande

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

We recently got an email from Andrea Brinkley, a Be Sweet fan. Andrea says:

I’m a South African ex pat living in Charlotte.  My brother has a farm in the Nieu Bethesda district.  One of his “neighbours” who spins wool on her farm with the wives and women of the farm laborers told me about Be Sweet as a way to find her yarn in USA.  I have subscribed to your blog for over a year and love it!  (I am a knitter too!).  I especially love your Wednesday posts and the SA images! I have a daughter who is American born and raised that has gone to South Africa.  She is an artist/grad of the Chicago Art Institute.  She went over to SA in 2008 to volunteer, became a dual citizen, and now runs an NGO art center in Viljoenskroon, 2.5 hours south of Joburg.  She posts on Dramatic Need’s blog every day.  Today she is featuring an artist who has yarn in some of her installations.  I thought you’d appreciate it.

Well thanks, Andrea! We do appreciate it!

We’d like to introduce our readers to this fantastic artist, Mary Sibande. The article that ran in The Observer on August 25th can be read here and many more amazing pictures of her work can be seen there as well.


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