Bike DYI

August 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love seeing other crafty folks do cool things with everyday objects! Whether they wrap them, repurpose them, recycle them or come up with some ingenious new invention, there’s limitless inspiration just clicks away on your computer.

We’re big fans of Goodnight Little Spoon, a great blog written by Bianca in Australia. Bianca recently wrote a post about how she jazzes up her bike and I wanted to share it with you so you too can have a glamorous bicycle ride next time you go for a spin!

She says…

All Images © Goodnight Little Spoon

I love decorating my bike and looking for new ways to add practicality (panniers, baskets, skirt guards, etc) or just a bit more personality (pom poms, spoke cards, name plates).

When I first started riding I rode C’s 8-year old niece’s boy’s bike and had a hand-me-down helmet. I’d only ride at night, down back streets, for fear of being seen riding – the bike was ugly and I felt like a dork. Getting a bike (and helmet) that I liked and customizing it was a really big step toward feeling comfortable regularly bike riding. The first few times I took it out in the day I still felt self-conscious and thought I must look silly, but now I feel more comfortable riding down the street than I do walking. Learning to ride and feeling comfortable on a bike really boosted my self-esteem.

I’m currently looking for a new bike because I know that this bike (the frame being near 50 years old) is too heavy and bulky for me to ride as often as I do. I don’t think I could ever sell it and hope to still take it for short rides around the city. Riding any other bike will be a breeze compared to this guy! Hills – I will get you!

Some ways I’ve decorated my bike include:

Putting paint charts in the spokes (taping them in makes sure they don’t fly out when you ride).

Adding pom poms, fabric yoyos and crocheted bits to my basket.

Buying some really sturdy panniers.

Adding some fun American state nameplates.

And getting this crocheted skirt guard made especially for it.

How great is that, readers?! I love her crocheted skirt guard and have plans to make my own. I feel so inspired!

How do YOU make your mode of transportation snazzy?

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