Blankets for Babies

June 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Dana Biddle recently sent out a plea for blankets for children at a crèche in Ratanda near Heidelberg. Recently, she was lucky enough to meet Ronda and her team from the knit-a-square group to deliver blankets, beanies and toys to all the children at the crèche. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on their little faces as one by one they were wrapped in lovely warm blankets, hand knit by kind-hearted people from all over the world and stitched together by the inmates (all men) at a maximum security prison near Bloemfontein. A huge thank you to all of them!

Now they’re working on blankets for the 210 children at the other crèche in Ratanda that are also in dire need. Dana has already received blankets from a number of people – thank you, and promises of more. If you’d like to help, it will be greatly appreciated! You can send blankets of any description (they just need to be warm) to PO Box 2, Heidelberg, 1438.


Knitting for those in need goes back as far as knitting itself. This blogger knits mats for dogs and cats in animal shelters so they don’t have to sit in a cold metal box all day and night. There are knitting causes everywhere once you start to look.

Need help? We recommend Betty Christiansen’s Knitting for Peace. It’s a book full of wonderful charities and projects and gives you information on what you can do to help. Remember, Be Sweet was found on the principle of helping others and doing good, so we invite you to do the same.

We can all make a difference, stitch by stitch!


§ One Response to Blankets for Babies

  • This is the most wonderful charity. I have recently collected 616 squares through my blog challenge to send to South Africa. People who contribute to Knit-a-Square are the most generous and kind people I have ever met!
    I also knit with and sell Be Sweet yarns in my online store. They are the most gorgeous yarns! The Be Sweet Company gave me the motivation to become a retailer. I want to be a part of your mission, making the world a better place to live in.
    I also get a real thrill out of knitting squares for Knit-a-Square with Be Sweet yarns, helping Africans help each other. Brilliant!
    Thank you so much for blogging about KAS today!

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