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Happy Wednesday, readers! We hope you’ve recovered from your patriotic weekend and the good news is, you’re halfway through the week!

We’d like to introduce you to Denyse Spektor, also know as “The Big Yarn.” Denyse has a new book out, KNITTING CIRCLES and uses all Be Sweet yarn! You can preview and purchase the book online here and as an exclusive for Be Sweet readers you can get 30% off today and tomorrow by using the coupon code DERBY at checkout.

Nadine, our fearless leader, recently interviewed Denyse…

Nadine Curtis (NC): What inspired you to create this book?

Denyse Spektor (DS): I have knit with circular needles almost exclusively for as long as I can remember. Knitting circles is a skill I wanted to pass on to other knitters. Wren Ross writes in KNITTING CIRCLESit is wise to develop mindful abandon when knitting in the round. My first circular sweater pattern was created when I introduced my hand dyed yarns, The Big Yarn Balls. My Circle in the Square is a sweater I still wear & receives compliments a decade later – it is the last piece I knit for myself!

NC: Where and from whom did you learn to knit?

DS: My mom taught me to knit when I was 5. I annoyed her to the point of distraction while she would knit. “Mommy why is this side smooth & the other side is bumpy?” “Why do the needles make so much noise?” For her peace of mind mommy finally relented & taught me to knit. She gave me a pair of blue metal needles size 8. Lee, embarked on her knitting career with her girlfriends during WW2 – they would sit on a stoop in Chicago listening to all the news – knitting for their loved ones so far away. I have always been a California beach inspired BoHo designer.

NC: Why Be Sweet yarns?

DS: I chose to partner with Be Sweet & am thrilled I did. You (Nadine Curtis) has developed a comprehensive catalogue of yarns. My personal fiber preference is cotton. The wools, bamboo & other fibers that Be Sweet produces are so glorious they inspire wild imaginativeness; I couldn’t resist a single collection. Be Sweet offers a stunning color palette in each of the yarns, allowing the artisan in all of us to “paint” any project we dream.

NC: Where can one purchase it (both wholesale and retail) – cost?

Currently KNITTING CIRCLES is available at – ultimately it will be available at your LYS & other online book sellers. At Blurb you may purchase KNITTING CIRCLES in one of several formats, each individually priced. Request the CIRCLE TOUR at your LYS to purchase & experience KNITTING CIRCLES first hand from The Big Yarn herself.

NC: Anything else we should know about?

DS: I wrote KNITTING CIRCLES to spark all knitters’ imaginations. I presented projects for the never-ending yarn of inspiration – I hope that I have accomplished my objective!


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