Get Your Summer On

May 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s already pretty hot and sticky here (no winter and now this ALREADY?) but that doesn’t mean the knitting stops!

Bambino Taffy

We’ve talked about this before, but a lot of people shy away from knitting come summertime. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer (and it already feels like summer in many parts of the country anyway) let’s talk summer yarns. I can’t imagine a season without knitting, heck, I can’t even imagine a day without knitting! Knitting keeps me focused, centered, it’s like a muscle that needs to be stretched and exercised daily. Just because it’s hot out, these needles don’t stop clicking away. Plus, I like getting my holidays gifts started while the holidays still seem so far off. I’ll admit I like the feeling of sitting back and being smug while people run around like crazy searching for the perfect gift and realizing they didn’t leave themselves enough time to make Aunt Mildred that pink cardi she’s been coveting.

My two favorite Be Sweet summer yarns are Bambino Taffy and Bamboo. Have just one ball of Bambino Taffy lying around? Knit up our popular Sweetie Pie Hat by Tanis Gray! It uses every little bit of one ball and makes a fabulous gift for any baby! The pattern comes free on the label, or you can get it as part of our Taffy Set 2 or Kid in a Candy Shop ebooks. It was even featured on Loop’s blog this week. Craig, the owner of Loop says:

The Sweetie Pie Hat pattern is printed on the label of Be Sweet’s beautiful Bambino Taffy yarn. It has a picot hem, an eyelet heart motif, bobbles, and a fun tie top. All of these embellishments make this little hat – it’s one size will fit babies 6 to 18 months of age – a fun and interesting project. If it seems too much for baby boys, you can replace the picot hem with ribbing and omit the eyelets for the heart. I’d keep the bobbles and the tie top; I think it’s cute.

It was Bambino Taffy’s colors that first got my attention. Each ball is made up of 5 coordinating colors that are tied together (like Be Sweet’s Magic Ball yarn). I love the shades they chose. Once I felt it, I was really drawn in. Bambino Taffy is a blend of organically grown cotton and bamboo. It’s wonderfully soft and perfect for babies’ little heads. You only need 1 ball to knit the Sweetie Pie Hat – and what a great gift!

Craig knit his up in the color way French Revolution.

And don’t forget the Bamboo! Have you seen our new Bamboo Spring Garden Tee? This gorgeous free pullover is one of our new patterns just for summer and just for YOU, our dear readers.

Knitting up on US 5 needles, this pullover takes 7-10 balls of Bamboo. Download it here and get your summer knitting on!


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