Free Pattern Alert!

May 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

We love our Dutch rep Laureen Pabst!  Laureen has offered up this free pattern she features in her shop and we’d like to share it with you, our dear readers.

Icord Be Sweet Necklaces

by Laureen Pabst

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: 1 skein be Sweet Magic Ball (or Ribbon Ball), size US 7 DPNs

Instructions: CO 5 sts, slide sts to other side of needle (do not turn work) and pull yarn from left back to right back across backside of work and knit across 5 sts again (this makes icord). If you’d rather watch a video, check out this video on how to make icord, but keep in mind we’re using different sized needles and more stitches.

Repeat until there is 1 yard of yarn left, bind off.

Sew ends together or attach ends to a jewelry clasp. Wear!

Thanks for the great idea, Laureen!

§ 2 Responses to Free Pattern Alert!

  • jorjana says:

    Has anyone found a jewelry toggle like this one? I’ve searched all the craft stores here at home and done a lot of searching on jewelry web sites with no luck. There are lot’s of toggles, just not a cinch one.

  • Barbara Baylis says:

    That clasp looks like the old belt clasps. Good will stores ? Ha ha.

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