Peeps Show

April 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’re fans of Peeps here at Be Sweet. They are after all, sweet candy!

I blogged about it last year and it’s that time again… The Washington Post runs an annual “Peeps Show” contest where anyone is able to create a diorama featuring a theme and of course, Peeps. It’s a big deal here in Washington, DC and I look forward to seeing the winners each year. And the winner is…

"Occupeep DC"

Watch a video here about the creator and see close-ups of the winning diorama!

Other favorites of mine were…

"The Hunger Peeps"

another "Hunger Peeps"


There are some incredible ideas and amazing craftsmanship. You have to admire people who would take that long to create something, much like knitters making themselves a complicated Fair Isle sweater.

See all the winners here plus cool videos about the dioramas, interviews with some of the creators, vote for the “PEEPles Choice” and learn more about Peeps than you ever wanted to here.

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