Glorious Lace!

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love seeing a good yarn bombing.

During Valentine’s Day last week, one of my LYS yarn bombed their entire street with knitted hearts, wrapped street poles and parking meters. There are those that don’t “get it”… They think it’s graffiti or vandalism (the store did take down the hearts at the end of the week) or they think it’s weird or pointless. I think it’s beautiful, cheerful and represents the craft I love.

Whatever you think, there are varying degrees of yarn bombing. A popular choice is a street pole or tree trunk. I’ve seen some door knobs and bike racks… I came across a posting on IsaBeauPeep, a fantastic South African blog from last August. It’s hands down the most gorgeous example of yarn bombing I have ever seen.

Check it out:

Yes, it’s not all yarn, but that’s the point of art and yarn bombing. It can simply allude to yarn and knitting and this is so lovely I wish it was in my backyard.

If you find yourself in South Africa, I highly recommend taking part in IsaBeauPeep’s upcoming yarn bombing on March 12.

If you own your own shop or home, why not yarn bomb yourself? Wrap a few of the trees in your yarn with a cheerful variegated or  make your mailbox post a cozy. Why not?!


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