Super Bowl Scarves!

February 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

How cool is this?!! The Super Bowl was on last night (in case you live under a rock and missed it) and I couldn’t help but notice to sheer amount of hand knit and hand crocheted scarves. Scarves everywhere! Turns out the Super Bowl Committee did a shout out to all crafters for handmade scarves for their thousands of volunteers to wear before, during and after the game to be easily recognized by anyone who needed help. The video below was inspiring!

They say…

The Super Bowl Host Committee considers itself very lucky to have incredible volunteers who are devoting their personal time to keep our volunteers warm. Many of them also contribute to other causes that help the sick and needy and we applaud you. Your skills are valued and we hope you take great pride in this fun way to show the nation your handiwork!

If you love to knit, crochet, or weave, or have always wanted to learn, please help the Host Committee and handcraft a blue and white scarf for a volunteer or hospitality employee! And as soon as your Super Scarf is completed, please turn it in so we can get them to the volunteers at the Indiana Women’s prison (who are sewing on the official Super Bowl XLVI patch.) The deadline to submit your scarf is November 30, 2011.

knitting needles and images of crafting hands are a large display in the center of the Super Bowl action

Staging this game – and dozens of related community events – will require the efforts of nearly 8,000 energetic volunteers. In an effort to show appreciation for each volunteer’s good work, the Indianapolis Host Committee is asking the community to hand knit, crochet, or weave a scarf for each of them. This personalized memento will serve as a warm “Thank You” for their service, and provide an instant connection between the scarf makers and volunteers.

A scarf will be presented to each of our estimated 8,000 volunteers as a warming ―Thank You‖ gift. When announced in January 2010, the pace to reach our goal was 12 scarves a day. Scarf patterns vary although each is made from similar colored yarn. Each scarf will have an official Host Committee patch sewn on through a partnership with the Indiana Women’s Prison before being gifted to volunteers.

Along with the scarf, volunteers will receive a personal Thank You note from the person who crafted the scarf for them. This project engages new groups of volunteers, many who have little interest in football or sports but are big supporters of our community and wanted to be a part of this.

Instructions & comment cards can be downloaded online. For more information, please visit

What colors are acceptable?

The acceptable colors are blue and white. Exact colors are listed on the website. The scarves cannot be team specific because we do not know who will be playing in the Super Bowl that year and we do not want the volunteers to look like they are supporting any specific team.

What size should the scarf be?

Scarves should be 6-8 inches wide and 76-100 inches long.

Are there any specific patterns we have to use?

We do not require you to use any specific patterns. You can be as creative as you want with your scarf pattern. The only thing that we ask is that you do not include any team logo, pattern, design, etc.

Where can I return the scarves?

Please return the scarves to any Marion County Public Library Branch, any participating yarn shops (all shops are listed on the website), or the Host Committee Office at the following location:

2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee 425 W. South Street Indianapolis, IN 46225

Why doesn’t the NFL buy scarves for the volunteers?

The Super Bowl Host Committee is a not-for-profit organization that is not paid for by the NFL. This community initiative program was created as a way to provide everyone an opportunity to participate in the preparation for the Super Bowl in 2012, even if they cannot physically volunteer in 2012.

Is there a deadline?

We are asking that everyone turn their scarves as they get them completed so that we can get the Super Bowl Host Committee patches sewn and not have a massive last-minute rush. However, the deadline is Nov. 30, 2011.

Where can I learn to knit?

The Marion County Public Library is hosting ―Learn to Knit Nights‖ at select branches. Visit Or ―Sip n Knits‖ around Indianapolis offer learning opportunities. Visit our website, Super Scarves Facebook page, or for calendar listings.

Knitting Terminology:

Skein of yarn—(pronounced like scane) a unit of measure for yarn

Pattern—specific knitting instructions (a pattern) for how to knit a scarf a certain way

Cast on—the first stitches to start a scarf; they are casting the yarn onto the knitting needles

Purl—a type of knitting stitch Knit—the basic stitch (for example you could knit a row and then purl a row) There is a difference between knitting and crocheting

Even the Coca Cola bears had handmade scarves on...

So yes, the deadline passed a while ago, but how great is that? Maybe we’ll see it at every Super Bowl! I know many knitters who only watch the game because everyone else does and see it as valuable knitting time (myself included). It makes me proud that some crafty person somewhere came up with this idea, set it in motion and crafters across the nation answered the call. Maybe someone watching last night was inspired by what they saw around the volunteer’s necks and will decide to pick up a pair of needles, a hook or a loom today. Football and crafting are long traditions here in America so marrying the two is wonderful to see!
Check out more images of the scarves here.
Whether your team won last night or not, I hope you got some good knitting time in and were inspired by the over 13,000 handmade scarves worn by the volunteers!

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