Abigail Stewart

December 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Abigail Stewart is a luxury fashion designer located in New York, New York. She underwent her graduate design training at Parsons (2010) and also holds a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from New York University. Abigail was born and raised in the Northeast. As an avid fiction reader and lover of films, she looks at narratives to inform her work. Through luxury fashion she tries to transport clients into a bubble where the familiar can become extreme and heightened emotions are possible. She is inspired by David Bowie, cyberpunk books, fairy tales, the Rococo, Tim Burton, Tom Waits and Stanley Kubrick – sources of magic and elegant strangeness. The designer was raised to respect design for its technical elements as well as its beauty. Her mother was a master handweaver and textiles designer, her father a cabinetmaker. She produces luxury garments with an artisanal perspective, which manifests in handworked details and the use of materials that are custom-made, have unusual properties, or can sustain dramatic silhouettes. The studio focuses particularly on exaggerated proportions, and on widening the potential for specialty fibers to enhance the luxury aesthetic.

© Abigail Stewart

Abigail Stewart recently asked her mother, Deborah if she could weave something that looked like “fog.” Deb has been weaving for 30 years, and began recently weaving for her daughter specifically for her new couture business.

With fog as her inspiration, they came up with the gray color, but wanted extra fine yarn so that the weight of the dress would be light.  Deb was a bit reticent to use extra fine yarn and brush it, but Abby pushed her mom to try it, and it ended up working out exactly as she hoped.  The weight is light and the hairs are not as long as they are on a worsted weight bouclé. Deb wove 12 yards of knit fabric using our wonderful Extra Fine Mohair and used every inch! She then hit it with a standard dog brush and it was perfect!

© Abigail Stewart

On a separate note, Deb told us that she’s always been a fan of Be Sweet. She says, “If I had been able to do something other than teach public school for a living, which I continue to do as well as a private practice, I would have wanted to create a business based on the same type of partnership on which Be Sweet is based.  I am in awe of this business’s beauty, purpose and resolve.  So I am doubly proud to use this material to weave with.”

Thanks, Deb and Abby! Here at Be Sweet we are THRILLED with what you came up with and our yarn looks amazing! This is the perfect example of our fearless leader Nadine Curtis’ talk at VK Live, “From Farm to Fashion.”  Artisan ladies hand-dying our yarn in a converted barn in rural South Africa then going all the way to glorious high fashion dress.

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