POOCHKIS & Be Sweet!

November 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

Geez, the holidays are right around the corner! How did this happen? We are excited to announce our partnership with POOCHKIS, just in time for the holidays!

POOCHKIS is a fun, fresh designer fashion house that is taking the home footwear industry to a new level. The world already has plenty of lovely heels and outerwear brands to choose from. What it’s missing is a go-to brand and collection of slippers to keep your feet cute and cozy at home! POOCHKIS is changing that in a big way. They have redefined the slipper to create exquisite designer footwear for the home. Only now can you strut around your home like it’s your personal catwalk, and show off your glamorous side in the comfort of your casa.

With three new collections, we are thrilled to be part of the Bellissimo line:

  • One of a kind limited-edition design
  • Hand-knit baby mohair with ribbon detail (Be Sweet yarns!)
  • Accented with Italian patent and nappa leather
  • Hand-made in Italy
  • Polartec® inner lining: Ultra-warm, odor-resistant fabric used in the most popular outerwear

There are two new slippers, the Aussie Ritz Bootie and Aussie Ritz Slip, which will be carried in a major, luxury department store in CT, in Maclaren’s store in NYC and South Norwalk. What’s great about them are they offer your feet the most cozy and comfortable touch you’ll ever experience.

  • New for Winter 2011/2012
  • Authentic first-grade Australian shearling and suede
  • Unmatched quality and luxury
  • Available in Camel and Black in Small, Medium and Large

Their best-sellers are the POOCHKISBASICS. These are the most comfortable and cozy slipper-socks and are individually packaged in a beautiful gift box.  Each slipper-sock has a fun, unique name and the color of the box represents the special color of the slipper-sock. You’ll never want to take off this warm, cozy, and playful slipper-sock!

  • Raised top to keep your feet warm and cozy
  • Exclusive POOCHKIS cozy, microfiber blend
  • Embossed, silk POOCHKIS logo on back
  • One size fits all

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