November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

We love creative people here at Be Sweet. This company was founded on helping other people, great yarn and ready-made products, being sweet and being creative. We like to tip out hats here on the blog to people doing interesting things. Today we’d like to introduce you to Katie Probert from Tiptreee, Essex (but in the process of moving to France) who designs under the name “Je Suis Une Monstre.”

Katie’s interesting “Hoop-la” chain scarves have 41 individual crochet chains that spiral round and round each other, overlapping and draping themselves around your neck to create these modern, warm, unique scarves. Wear it long to show off the chains, or double it up to keep cosy. It wraps round your neck oh-so-soft, and keeps it warm too as the chains trap the heat. It’ll make you look like an elegant superstar! Every stitch is made with love and soul by Katie, the long slow way. She often uses our Handspun Merino, which we love!

You can find Katie’s work in her Etsy shop here, read her blog here, buy one of her scarves here on the Goodstead online shop.


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