The Quarter Stitch

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we love to profile shops that carry our yarns. We consider them part of the family and that means we have a HUGE family all over the world!

The Quarter Stitch is a treasure trove of yarn in New Orleans, LA. With wonderful paintings everywhere, barrels of beautiful yarns, patterns and knit samples everywhere, this shop is a gem.

Owner Jill Wagner was kind enough to answer a few questions for us…

Be Sweet (BS): When you did first start knitting and who taught you?

Jill Wagner (JW): I learned to knit in my early 20’s.

BS: What are your favorite fibers to work with?

JW: Wool.

BS: Favorite sweet treat?

JW: Brownies!

BS: What’s your dream project?

JW: A coat with one row of every yarn.

BS: What is your favorite Be Sweet yarn?

JW: Whipped Cream

Thanks, Jill!


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