Opening Event!

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome back from Labor Day, dear readers. Labor Day is the “unofficial” end to summer and you know what that means… One step closer to chilly weather and knitwear!

Remember reading about the Yarn Company? They are having their opening event September 10-17 and our very own Nadine Curtis, founder of Be Sweet was lucky enough to be in New York to drop in and say hello.

We loved that owner Tavy’s daughter Romy was wearing a Candyland shirt. Very sweet!

Their blogger lomes says…

Nadine Curtis is Sweet

My mom’s first introduction to Nadine and Be Sweet Yarns was through her friend Laurie Kimmelstiel who said that Be Sweet yarn could surely fit our walls and walls of colorful fibers.

I think that the  Yarn Company really focuses on the detail of the yarns they carry and how they are displayed.  Be Sweet is a great example of this statement.  Be Sweet’s yarn and samples have amazing detail. (One of the samples which is at the top of my mind almost all the time  is the Abigail Circular Shrug, which is my absolute favorite.)

From ostrich feathers,  colorful amazing and simple yarn, beautiful patterns,ginormous creativity, fun style, and a sweet smart personality, are you kidding me, Nadine Curtis, (founder and creater of Be Sweet), has it all! When I met her for the first time, I was very pleased to see this!

Head on over to be part of the opening event! They carry lots of Be Sweet yarns and we’re happy to have them be part of the Be Sweet family!


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