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Our very own Christine was in Hawaii recently on vacation and came across a wonderful shop that carries our yarns.

Strings & Things in Hanalei Hawaii is not just a yarn shop… Owner Karen Sherwood also sells ukulele. Yarn and music? Great combo! Karen was kind enough to let us interview her.

Be Sweet (BS): How long have you been knitting?

Karen Sherwood (KS): I started knitting about 5 years ago when most of my six kids hit teenage years. I would not have believed I would have time to knit, but my girlfriend, whose children were grown, convinced me I would never survive without knitting and boy was she right! Without knitting I would never have been able to shut up and find peace in the chaos of puberty! There were no yarn shops on island and our little video store had seen better days with Netflix coming into being. My girlfriend who also worked in the shop was a crocheter, I taught her how to knit and we decided to try adding it to our music shop. It was wonderfully successful and grew to consume half the shop! Recently we have begun hand dying our own line and have concentrated our inventory on that and a few really unique companies who have yarn and concepts we like. Be Sweet has always been one of those. We love  your message, and most importantly, your yarn! We love Bamboo in Hawaii so that is definitely a favorite! We love the Be Sweet African Bead Ball and sell a lot of the Sari Silk.

BS: Which Be Sweet yarns do you carry?

KS: Bamboo, Sari Silk, T-Shirt, Taffy, Ribbon Ball, LOVE the new mohair in the bright colors and are getting an order together right now! Our shop favorite is the Magic Ball. We make great shawls mixing mohair, African Bead Ball and Magic Ball. My personal favorite is the Cotton Candy! We carry all those plus Special Knobby.

BS: What’s on your needles now?

KS: I’m not knitting as much right now because it’s summer so we’re in the ocean and also the hand dying keep us busy. But next up for me is a mohair shawl in your yellow, turquoise and green! Something stripy!

BS: Do you get mostly tourists or do a lot of locals knit?

KS: We have a lot of local knitters and have taught at least a hundred locals in our groups. Many many tourists knit and of course come looking for the local yarn shop! They are almost always looking for something unique. They love your story and we love sharing it. You do a great job sharing on your labels as well. Japanese tourists especially love Be Sweet!

With so many people vacationing in Hawaii, be sure to go check out Karen’s shop.

Thanks, Karen!

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