Yarn Crawl

August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who loves a yarn crawl, dear readers? I do! I do!

What IS a yarn crawl, you may ask? Yarn crawls are similar to pub crawls, only they involve yarn (and don’t leave you with a throbbing headache in the morning). They usually require some sort of “passport” which can be a t-shirt, a bag, a card that gets stamped, etc. Bring your passport to each store on the crawl list and you can get discounts, free items, special sales, sneak peaks, all sorts of goodies! All crawls are different, so be sure to check on the details if you have a crawl to go to in your area.

For all our New England friends, mark your calendars for the Cape Cod Yarn Crawl. It will be September 23rd, 24th and 25th all over the Cape Cod area. For more information go to www.blackpurlsyarn.com. You’ll need a passport and that will be up on the site in late August.

The seven participating stores are as follows:

Adventures in Knitting

Many of these carry Be Sweet yarns, so be sure to check them out! Coincidentally, this blogger spent many a happy summer at sleep away camp in the midst of all these wonderful shops. Small world! I should have snuck away to go get some new yarn!


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