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July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Be Sweet will be exhibiting at the Designers and Agents Apparel Show in Los Angeles from August 8-10 at The New Mart.  Please come visit us in the Green Merchant area!

If you find yourself on the other side of the country, Be Sweet will be exhibiting at the New York Gift Show at the Jacob Javitz Center  from August 14-19. We’ll be in the Personal Accessories section along with our friends Escama Studio in booth # 8113. This show is really great and you see some amazing things!

So what’s with this heat, dear readers?! Does anyone else feel like sitting in their oven might be a cooler option than going outside or like they’re walking in soup to get to work?

Check out these beautiful knit fans by Deborah Robinson. Deborah makes all different kinds of fans but they all have a knitted element to them. A few of my favorites…

© DR

© DR

© DR

A great gift for a knitting fan (Ha! Get it?) or just for someone who wants to stay cool in this disgusting weather, we think these are pretty neat.

Stay hydrated! Grab your knitting and get in the AC.


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