The Yarn Company

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now that the sugar rush from all the strawberry shortcake has worn off, the glow of the fireworks has faded from the sky and you’ve picked up the corn on the cob and plastic cups from wherever you celebrated, it’s time to get back in the swing of things.

As you know, dear readers, we like to feature shops that carry our yarns. Today we’d like to introduce you to a shop in New York City called The Yarn Company, owned and run by Dr. Tavy Ronen, who took it over from the previous owners.

Be Sweet (BS): Can you tell us more about being a new shop owner, especially in an urban environment?

Tavy Ronen (TR): I am a finance professor, and have been one for 22 years. I love the life of a research professor, but always had a passion for expressing myself in a more physically creative way. My mother, both grandmothers and both aunts all knitted and sewed, and we grew up with a real appreciation for both. We grew up in Greenwich Village/SoHo, and  went to various schools in the city, so the urban environment is really our backyard and comfort zone. In fact, one of our main inspirations in redesigning The Yarn Company was SoHo and more generally, NYC in the late 70’s.  The gallery-like feel, all chrome furniture, exposed brick and very colorful and artistic yarns all remind us of home growing up.

BS: What was the biggest hurdle in rebranding the shop?

TR: The biggest hurdle was keeping the name but changing the image. We were sentimental about the name, because it’s such a well established force in the city’s landscape, but our new place is really very different from what people may associate the name with. We expanded the place to include sewing and fabric, quilting, needlepoint and embroidery, weaving and fiber for spinning. We have greatly expanded the number of lines we carry and have worked hard to incorporate a vast array of indie hand painted lines.

BS: When did you learn to knit?

TR: I learned to knit when I was very young, and don’t really remember it as an event. I was always doing something: Macrame, knitting, sewing, needlepoint, embroidery, basket weaving, crochet, jewelry making, etc. I even used to spend long summers weaving the palm tree leaves outside in our summer house garden.

BS: What are you most looking forward to, being a new yarn shop owner?

TR: What we are most looking forward to is the completion of our new dance line.  I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. Our dance line is very exciting indeed, and will encompass many forms of dance and will be designed by a variety of incredible knitwear designers.

BS: What are your favorite fibers?

TR: That’s an impossible question! We chose it all! And I love it all! And I love the way it looks together! And I absolutely love the beautiful garments and other knitwear that I have seen our customers make!

BS: What inspired you to take over the shop?

TR: It just happened . I think that my mother was always toying with the idea of opening something very artistic and crafty, but this just happened. We think it was meant to be……

BS: And we agree! Thanks, Tavy!


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