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It’s no secret that many knitters and crocheters are talented in other crafts. Many of us sew, quilt, bead, paint, sculpt, cook, rug hook, etc. I have never met a crafter that only does one craft. I especially like to see children exploring many different crafts and find an area they’re talented in unexpectedly. Imagine my surprise when I picked up knitting at 8 and here I am, 100 years later still loving it as much as I did then.

We recently were contacted by Roanne Kolvenbach (check out her website with her amazing jewelry here), who runs a sewing summer camp in New York City in July for kids ages 8-12.

Every morning the kids visit fashion designers, accessory designers, costume designers, upholsterers, quilters, weavers… Basically anyone who makes their living with fabric. In the afternoons they go back to her sewing studio in Tribeca and the kids work on their own creations.

During the school year Roanne teaches an afterschool sewing program for kids out of her loft, and the all day sewing camp in July. She also does adult workshops. This past month she had 18 ladies show up for a combination of sewing and wine drinking. Juliet turned her son’s treasured sweatshirt (that he grew out of 2 years ago but wont part with) into a pillow for him, Nicole made her son a bumble bee costume, Dallas made pillows out of fabric she bought while filming a documentary in africa, Cintia cropped her daughter’s jeans and added ribbon ties on the sides for cute shorts, then ironed a silver glitter skull decal onto a tank top for her as well, Catherine brought amazing vintage striped bell bottom jeans that she turned into peg legs and Katharine made a bustle skirt out of green silk she bought while on a business trip in india. How’s that for a night’s work?

The afterschool program is 5 students per class (ages 8-12) for 10 week sessions and is all sewing machine work. Each child gets their own machine to work on. The classes go straight from school until 5:30, so while intense, the students learn a lot.

Why not enroll your child in a program like Roanne’s? Get them to try something they’ve always been curious about! Get them out from in front of that TV or video game console and put a paintbrush in their hands, a cooking spoon, a sewing machine, knitting needles (of course) or a chisel. Make it a family or personal challenge and see who can learn the most about a new skill over the summer.

What do you plan on learning this summer?


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