Hey, Ladies!

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greetings, bloggers!

Did you know that Be Sweet works with several job creation groups that give artisans the confidence and the means to support themselves and their families in otherwise economically depressed regions? The groups have grown to include almost 200 artisans, mostly female of the Xhosa tribe who live in Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. Many of the women now depend on the work for their survival and with the help of creative program directors, the artisans are in stable environments where they can earn a fair wage, learn new skills, and enjoy their work. This makes a huge difference in a person and a community.

We’d like to show off our new “Meet the Ladies” cards that show the journey from farm to fashion. They will be available in a few weeks and will come with the purchase of Be Sweet yarn and products at your LYS. We like our readers and customers to know the faces behind whom is making the beautiful yarn they are working with! Our yarn is made with such care and love by these women and we are very proud of how our job creation program helps them have a better life. Read more about the ladies here.


Closer to home, Christine who works at the home office with Nadine is on vacation. She brought the Summer Breeze sweater knit in Bamboo to wear as beach cover up. You look great, Christine!


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