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May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Monday, dear readers!

Mac & Me has a new pattern coming out at the end of this month by Leslie Scanlon using our Handspun Merino!

Blame it on the baby hats. Mac & Me founder Leslie Scanlon was a typical “mom knitter” obsessed with knitting items for her baby daughter Mac. Hats and more baby hats flew off the needles, and then Leslie started tweaking the patterns, and finally creating some of her own. Mac got bigger, Leslie had a son, and her knitting grew right along with her family…items for older children, sweaters and accessories for herself and her son. Friends started asking for patterns. Leslie started knitting for yarn companies and knitwear designers, learning how they put patterns together.

One day she visited the local yarn store with a couple of her patterns. The store started carrying them…and then tourist knitters bought some, and took them home. And her phone began to ring from yarn stores in places like Dallas and Seattle and Minneapolis. And with more patterns in the works she needed a catalog. Suddenly, it was a business. But Leslie still approaches it slowly, one pattern and one store at a time, focusing on the elegant details that make her work stand out.

Oh, and baby Mac? Is now a senior in high school, applying to colleges, and planning to play field hockey at the collegiate level. And yes, it’s still true that proceeds from the sale of the patterns will go to Mac’s college fund.

The new pattern #126 (pictured above) comes in size S/M and M/L, long enough to wrap and knot double around your neck, amazing snuggled around your face or neck or just hanging. See her other patterns here.

Pattern is now available at Purl Soho or you can request it via email at Mac & Me at  or Be Sweet to be the first to get it!

We love it, Leslie!


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