Mother Bear Project

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greetings, dear readers. Here at Be Sweet we love a cause that helps people by bringing them hope in the form of yarn.

The Mother Bear Project is dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations, by giving them a gift of love in the form of a hand-knit or crocheted bear.  To date, 64,050 bears have been sent to children affected by HIV/AIDS. That’s a lot of bears!

The simple gift of a hand-knit bear with a tag signed by the knitter has touched children with the message that they are unconditionally loved. The response has been overwhelming, with people wanting to help from all over the world. Thousands of patterns have been distributed, and wonderful bears have been received from people of all ages, backgrounds and knitting abilities.  It has brought people together to do something kind in the face of a horrible problem. See where the bears go here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of yarn should I use?
You will need 3 colors of yarn to make a bear.  Four-ply worsted weight yarn is best for bear making.

What do I stuff the bears with?
Polyfil, which is readily available for minimal cost at most craft or sewing stores.

Should the face be sewn on before or after the bear is stuffed?
We think it is easier to sew the face after the bear is stuffed.

Can I add buttons and beads to the bear?
No.  Please do not add anything that could be a choking hazard for babies or young children.

Can I make a bear from another pattern?
No.  We want the bears to be made from the same pattern but each knitter gives their bear a personality of its own.

Can I crochet the bear?
Yes, you may crochet the bear. We have a crochet pattern available for $5.00. Indicate you want a crochet pattern on your request.

Can I send store bought bears to donate to the project?
No.  We are only sending hand-knit bears for this project.  If you would like to sponsor a bear for $10, we would be happy to sign a tag with your name or the name of a friend or relative for any occasion. More information on bear sponsorships. 

Would you consider sending the bears to other countries?
Yes.  We would like the bears to go to children in need of comfort.  Please contact us with your suggestions.

Is Mother Bear Project affiliated with a religious organization?
This is a humanitarian project that knits together people of many faiths. And because it is funded entirely by private donations of bears, materials and cash, it has no affiliation with government organizations. Some of our partners who work with the children receiving the bears are affiliated with religious organizations.

Where does the $3.00 per bear go?
This money goes directly into shipping the bears air-mail through the US Postal Service and taxes and duty on the receiving end in Africa.   The $3.00 charged per bear does not cover other necessary expenses, such as yarn and needles for senior centers and other groups unable to afford involvement without assistance. Donations of cash and donated materials are always welcome.

Additional questions? Email Mother Bear Project.

Learn more about Mother Bear Project,the children in need and how you can help this effort.


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