Honey Cowl!

May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Can you believe it’s already May, dear readers?!! May always seems to be a weird transition month where the evenings are chilly and the days can fluctuate. What better way to be prepared for all types of weather than a cowl?

The friendly folks over at make: Tulsa have announced that there will be free classes at Spring FiberFest, Sunday, May 15 from 1-5pm at the Brush Creek Barn.  New this year, there will also be a free make ‘n’ take area for kids.  Be sure to put this event on your calendar!

© Loops

The Loops staff will be teaching classes on beginning knitting, beginning crochet and two project classes.  One of the classes is the Honey Cowl, a Loops Original by Gina Hills.  This cowl has been very popular this Spring, with people making up exciting combos of yarns like Be Sweet Bambino.  This fun pattern is very conducive to stash-busting and uses simple lace stitches. This simple cowl that is offered in two lengths and widths (a shorter, wider piece or a longer, more narrow option that can be worn simply or doubled to show off the colors and textures) and with a variety of stitch patterns. It is a simple study in lace patterns with no pattern over 2 rows.

© Loops

You can find the Honey Cowl pattern here on the Loops website or here on Ravelry.  (Since Lachiwa is no longer available, try Be Sweet Bambino yarn).  To see a glammed-out version made by Gina, go to the Loops Facebook page.

Happy knitting!


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