Milisa Galazzi

April 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

As an artist, I’m always excited to see artwork that somehow brings references of knitting or crafting into the picture.

"Wedding Preparation" © Milisa Galazzi

If you find yourself near Providence, Rhode Island, check out the below show… I was particularly excited when I saw some of Milisa Galazzi’s work. Milisa lives and works in Providence and on Cape Cod and exhibits locally and nationally. Her current work is called the Ghost Lace Series 2008-present. She says:

I began working exclusively with lace in 2008.* My GHOST LACE series explores extreme opposites: delicate/strong; smooth/textured; opaque/transparent; close up/far away. These contrasting visual references speak to the history of lace making as well as reference present day dualities. In this series, lace is either imbedded between 20-30 layers of wax or used as a printing tool on top of a thick bed of wax. Oil pigment is applied between to the layers and on the surface to create delicate color. I am intrigued by the visual metaphor of taking something away and having something left  – or simply covering a portion and revealing another – much the same way we relate to or can still connect with people who are no longer with us or with us in spirit only. 

* The history of lace weaves an intricate tale across multiple cultures of women teaching women this delicate and highly sought after skill. European royalty paid a high price for exquisite lace to adorn their elaborate clothing. Unique for women in the late 1400 and 1500s in Europe, the early lace makers became extremely wealthy women. With this hard earned money, came new power and prestige.


"Marriage" © Milisa Galazzi

"Love's Warp and Weft" © Milisa Galazzi


“Tactile Expressions” on display at Krause Gallery

Krause Gallery’s current exhibit, “Tactile Expressions” (through April 22), highlights the work of artists Tracy Walter Ferry, Nan Fleming and Milisa Galazzi. The artists were selected for the show because of their strong use of materials that explore tactile qualities. By incorporating found objects into their work, these artists have given everyday items and materials new meaning. A reception will take place on April 21 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Nan Fleming (find out more) works primarily with metal, welding “worn metal elements with other materials such as wood, paper, clay and small found objects to create both functional and purely sculptural pieces.” Local Providence artist, Milisa Galazzi (find out more), is well known for her paintings, found art collage and large-scale installations. Galazzi attended Brown University for her undergraduate degree and received her Masters in Art and Design Education with Honors from Rhode Island School of Design. Tracy Walter Ferry’s (find out more) most recent series of artwork is based on her past experience as a registered nurse. Through her artwork, she explores the possible consequences of disorder within the genetic makeup of humans and all types of microorganisms.

Check it out!

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