South Africa, Part 2. “Vinni’s Visit”

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Monday, readers!

Today we bring you part 2 of Nadine’s recent South African adventure…. Take it away, Nadine!


Our first work day of the trip we were off to visit the artisan group that makes all of Be Sweet’s Bamboo, Bambino and Cotton Candy.

Meet Patricia. She is working part-time while Pakama is on maternity leave.  She helps with dying, rinsing and making up our large orders of Bambino Taffy.  Such a beautiful lady inside and out.

Bamboo yarn drying in the sun… Not as easy to do in the winter rainy season so we take advantage of the great outdoors during summer and move to drying shelters for foul weather.

This is one of my favorite shots. Qhawekazi dying denim Bambino.  Look at her beautiful hair that she has done up regularly.  Soooo cute and such a cheerful lady!

Sylvia has been with the group the longest.  She and her husband used to be responsible for ALL of the yarn balling until business grew and we needed more hands.  We are in new premises this year which is a huge development.  It’s only a mile from where the majority of the staff live so it’s an easy commute.  Sylvia’s husband balls yarn as well but he chooses to work at home without all of the feminine energy distracting him. 🙂

Sylvia’s stunning footwear!  This woman used to have nothing and now look … So much to be proud of!

More ladies in the workshop winding and balling (Noncedo in the foreground and Nomanganisa in the background).

Yummy balls of Cotton Candy ready to be labeled.

Tamsanga weighing and balling from home.  One of his guilty pleasures is watching wrestling which he gets to do while he works.  As you can see this puts a smile on his face!










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