South Africa, Part 1. “The Weekend”

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greetings, dear readers!

Today we have something special in store for you! Our fearless leader, Nadine Curtis, took a trip to South Africa last month. Nadine agreed to do her first guest blog post about her recent adventures and today we bring you the first installment.

Take it away, Nadine!


Hello everyone!  Nadine here. I’m excited to share some highlights of my recent trip to South Africa.  I went with friends Tanyia and Eszter, both of whom have traveled the world extensively and we were on a full tilt itinerary of fun and fiber.

We arrived into Cape Town on a Friday night after 35 hours of travel. Ouch!  A full moon welcomed us as well as U2 – they were playing at Green Point stadium and we had the pleasure of enjoying a live radio simulcast.  Thanks Bono!

It always takes a few days to acclimate to the time and weather change, left side driving and the laid back Cape Town vibe.  To make the transition smooth we went to the swanky Old Biscuit Mill Market in newly gentrified Woodstock, then took in some rays at Clifton Beach.


Check out this yummy fresh Biltong at the Biscuit Mill Farmers Market!

LOVE these paper mache heads! Who wants one?



Clifton #4


Clifton #4 in my opinion is the most glorious beach in the world. The only thing not inviting is the temperature of the water – it’ll freeze your toes but who cares?  I like the sun and the scene and the way the drink salesmen say “Grenadilla lolly, to make you jolly!”

The rest of the weekend was spent resting and taking in sites and scene of the cape.  We headed south to a quaint town called Kalk Bay and beyond that the famous spot in Simon’s Town where you get to meet up with the cutest little penguins.


Lunch at Kalk Bay’s Cape to Cuba (Eszter on the left staying warm from the sea breeze).



Kalk Bay shopping – beautiful Kikoy sarongs!

Ladies admiring penguins!

Penguins admiring ladies!


Thanks, Nadine!

Stay tuned for more of Nadine’s adventures, coming soon to the blog.


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