Bright Start & Beans for Brains

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we’re more than just knitters and crocheters. We do more than sell yarn and products… We give back to communities often. After all, with our saying being “products with a conscious” we have a lot to live up to and we see it as a wonderful challenge and opportunity to do so.

We just made our annual donation to BRIGHT START that funds educational support for little ones in Hout Bay, a suburb of Cape Town in South Africa.  Our fearless leader, Nadine Curtis’ friend, Sally Scudamore, is the founder with her “mum” Sharon.

Not ones to sit around on our duffs, we also made a donation to Beans for Brains, a scholarship program committed to helping folks in the fiber community follow their higher education dreams. As you may or may not know, any occasion that we as an industry have to elevate the fiber arts into the mainstream community allows us to pay it forward to our future customers. Through Beans for Brains, we can raise knitting and crochet awareness on college campuses, foster new fiber communities (think knitting clubs on every single campus!), and invest in the future of not only our customers, but our industry as a whole.

This year over $15,000 was raised, which means that 5 students across the country will each receive an award of at least $3,000. In addition to Jimmy Beans Wool’s own monetary contribution, JBW is also committing time and resources to ensuring that this program receives maximum exposure throughout the crafting, collegiate, and mainstream communities. They want to make this scholarship something that our entire industry can be proud of…and something that our entire industry will benefit from.

What we liked most about this program (aside from it being run by our good friends over at Jimmy Beans Wool), 100% of all donations go directly to the scholarship awards. That’s not always the case these days with charities.

With winter coming to a close, we encourage you to do what you can for YOUR community. Whether it’s cleaning out those cold weather clothes and donating them, volunteering at your local library or animal shelter, there are opportunities EVERYWHERE to give back. Let us know what you’re doing to give back by leaving a message here or on our Facebook or Ravelry fan page!


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