Rubies & Taffy

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet we’ve been busy bees.

First we’d like to give a shout out to Nine Rubies Knitting in San Mateo, CA. Nine Rubies is near our home office in Sausalito and we’re thrilled to announce they’re carrying our diagonal stripe shawl kits and all the colorways of Taffy!

Our very popular shawl kits are available in ten colorways! Here’s a peek at just a few of my favorites…


underwater kit
perfect pinks kit
sage kit
autumn avenue kit


Speaking of Taffy… Have you seen our two new colorways?


Candy Sprinkles


French Revolution

Remember I told you we’ve been busy? Take a gander at our new patterns for Taffy!


Dierdre Taffy Dress

Sweetie Pie Booties & Hat

Our new Taffy Set 2 is available here on Ravelry. All 3 patterns are included – Dierdre Taffy Dress, Sweetie Pie Hat and Sweetie Pie Booties. We’re tickled that Taffy has been so well received and are proud to introduce our new patterns above.





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