Weave Another Little Piece of My Heart

January 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

While we wind down from TNNA (more on that later) and find ourselves coming back to frigid temperatures, snow in places it shouldn’t be and a rush on snow shovel-buying, we thought we’d bring you some color and good cheer.


We’d like to introduce to you, dear readers, Terri Bibby. Terri is has a SAORI Studio in Salt Springs, British Columbia, Canada. SAORI weaving was developed by Misao Jo in Osaka, Japan, forty years ago. Misao Jo began to weave at age 57 and today, at 97, continues to weave. Misao Jo’s weaving journey led her to create SAORI, free style weaving that is based on a philosophy of joy, spontaneity, generosity of spirit and ideas, and acceptance of self and others.

The name SAORI comes from the joining of two Japanese words. The “SA” in SAORI has the same meaning as the word “SAI,” a Zen term that means everything has its own individual dignity.  The word “ORI” means weaving.

The 4 Slogans of SAORI are:

Consider the differences between machines and people.
Let’s adventure beyond our imagination.
Let’s look out through eyes that shine.
Let’s learn from everyone in the group.

Read more about it here.

Terri weaving with our Special Knobby yarn

Terri has been Weaving for Peace since 2006 and has created community Peace Banners by taking her SAORI Loom out to the community and to events. There are peace banners in Vancouver, Hiroshima, Somalia, Gibson’s Landing, Victoria, Ottawa and on Salt Spring Island. She is a fiber artist, educator and counsellor who offers SAORI weaving classes, workshops and retreats in her studio in the woods on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC Canada. Read her blog here. She also adores Be Sweet yarns!

Do you do anything unusual with Be Sweet yarns? Tell us about it here or on our Facebook fan page!


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