Let It Snow!

December 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems like it’s all things snow across the country!

Did you see this super cool time-lapse snow video here?

New England got positively SLAMMED with a blizzard/Nor’easter/snowmaggedon earlier this week. Places that don’t normally see a flake were covered in the white stuff and places like Washington DC that got buried last winter saw barely a flake. Seems like Mother Nature doesn’t want us to forget that she’s full of surprises.

There’s something magical about knitting in a warm room, bundled up in a blanket, fire roaring in the fireplace or on your laptop screen, cocoa in hand and woolen socks on your feet. I always hear people complaining on the Metro saying “what am I supposed to DO if we get stuck inside for a few days? I get so BORED.” Therein lies the beauty of knitting. Any time, any season, any location is what makes it such a unique and time honored craft.

So this blog post is dedicated to you, dear readers. The ones stuck in the snow, just coming in from shoveling the walkways. The ones who have 4 sweaters on to stay warm while they wait for the thaw out. The ones who were secretly hoping for 25′ of snow so they could get some serious knitting done.

Like the poster above my desk says, “Keep calm and carry yarn.” Happy knitting and enjoy the snow, snow bunnies.

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