Stash Patch

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Starting to panic over the holiday knitting yet, dear readers?

Our friend, Karen Burch recently designed a simple patchwork afghan called the “Stash Patch Blanket.” It’s a great way to use up some of your stash, especially those half-used skeins and bits and bobs left over from other projects.

While Karen used all Be Sweet yarns, you can use just about anything for this quick and easy project.

While there is no official pattern, we offer up the formula which allows for freedom of all sizes, color schemes, fibers, you name it.

All squares are 8″ x 8″ in stockinette stitch (but again, you can make them any size you wish, just be consistent for the “patchwork” look). They would look just as nice (and if you had even more stash to burn through) in garter stitch, which would keep them super flat. You can also double crochet your squares. Use the corresponding needle size with the yarn you’re using, so if you use all the same yarn weight (let’s say worsted as an example) you could probably get away using size 8’s or 9’s if you tend to stay on gauge. If you’re using all different weights of yarn, check out the suggested gauge on the ball band or do a gauge swatch to figure out your number of cast on stitches to keep your dimensions consistent. You can attach the squares by using mattress stitch, crochet them together with single crochet or even 3 needle bind off (which would work nicely if you’re knitting all garter stitch). Once all your squares are together, tie small bits of yarn into each corner of squares and tie down securely. This is a traditional patchwork technique and is a nice way to show off your favorite yarn.

Karen sewed on a simple fabric backing which makes for a sturdier, warmer afghan, but you can get away without one, especially if you plan on throwing it over your bed or couch.

Brrrr! Stay warm!

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