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November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Now that we’re in the final throes of Thanksgiving, there are few things on our minds… Turkey, a nap after eating, cider, who gets stuck doing the dishes, champagne and the ever important Black Friday prep.

For those of you who have never participated in Black Friday madness it’s just that-madness. Stores have incredible sales, many of them opening at 5AM or even earlier. It’s Darwinism at its best-survival of the fittest.

We were recently featured in UK’s The Knitter issue #25, the special gifts edition. On the last page our Shelley Big Bag is featured as part of their Mencap giveaway. Mencap supports the 1.5 million people on the UK that have a learning disability. They work for change in the laws and services, challenging prejudice and providing direct support to those in need. You can enter to win by texting 87474 (UK entries only). Check it out!

copyright The Knitter

copyright The Knitter

As a gift to you, our fabulous readers, we’re offering our own Black Friday treat. Use the discount code BFF2010 at our site for 25% off our Shelley Big Bags. This way you don’t have to wake up at 5AM, or even get our of your pajamas!

We were also recently featured in Interweave:

copyright Interweave


copyright Interweave

Raise your glasses and from all of us here at Be Sweet, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We hope your holiday is filled with knitting, good food, friends, laughter and the promise of a fantastic holiday season and a promising 2011.


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