Yarn Everywhere + Free Pattern Alert!

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have you noticed, dear readers, the simple fact that yarn is EVERYWHERE this season?!

I was walking down the street this past weekend in the shopping district of Washington DC and lo and behold… Yarn! There were giant pictures of yarn and yarn balls strewn about the window display of Dress Barn, Benetton had skeins by the feet of the mannequins, H&M had knitwear galore, some store I never heard of had done a crazy window display with yarn stretched across the entire front windows, reminding me of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cover. There was yarn at the Gap, yarn in the American Apparel window and even a street vendor selling homespun yarn. I particularly loved these recycled arm warmers from Uncommon Goods…

© Uncommon Goods

© Pink Floyd

I think it’s safe to say that not only is fall here (remember we turn the clocks back an hour next weekend) but people love knitwear and knitting.

Open an weekly magazine and Target has splashy ads of happy families running through fields with yarn balls as clouds (ironic, since Target doesn’t sell yarn). Have you seen H&M’s latest TV ads? All knitwear! I love fall for many reasons, but high up on my list is knitwear in stores, being able to finally wear my handknits, making handknits for others and the hustle and bustle that begins in our LYS. As soon as that first chill starts it’s like a switch is flipped in many people’s minds. Time to knit!

Which brings me to our latest free pattern offering. Yarn Garden in Portland, Oregon recently posted a free Bubble Ball Cowl. Designed by their lovely staff member, Arwen, this simple cowl is knit flat in garter stitch while sliding the felt beads to one end and incorporating them in the edge stitch with YO’s. It takes only 1 ball of our Bubble Ball on size 5 needles. Seam it up and you have a unique look!

© Yarn Garden

© Yarn Garden

Happy fall!


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