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It’s common knowledge around here that we’ve got a sweet tooth. With Halloween upon us, it’s just another excuse to stuff ourselves full of candy corn and peanut butter cups and claim we’re just getting into the holiday spirit.

We came across this article lately on Indagare about the best candy shops in the country we thought you would enjoy…

Indagare Bests: Candy Stores

By Barkley Hickox

© Sweet Life, NYC

Rooted in Celtic tradition, Halloween has worn many hats as the holiday for pagan worship, successful harvests, and the commemoration of departed souls. Today, it is celebrated all over the world with different customs, but for Americans, the holiday has come to symbolize mainly one thing: candy. The statistics speak for themselves: 600 million confectionery pounds are gobbled up annually in the United States (a whopping twelve pounds per child). With a wealth of options, trick-or-treaters these days are not just costume-clad kids, but rather discerning consumers, eager to uncover the most special sweets. We polled the Indagare staff for some of its favorite, most memorable candy stores, and came up with a fun list of beloved spots across the U.S. From a New York importer of European candies, to old-fashioned emporiums out West, here is a list of where you can stock up on sweet finds this Halloween and throughout the year.

Papabubble, New York

“I discovered Papabubble during a recent trip to Barcelona and was thrilled to find out that the designer candy shop also has an outlet in New York. Papabubble hand-makes their photogenic treats in their Nolita store and packages them in funky space age sacks that look fit for take-off. Although their mini chili-mango may be too experimental or my kids, I’m definitely handing them out to weary trick-or-treating parents.” Papabubble: 380 Broome Street, New York, NY; 212-966-2599—Henley Vasquez

Candy Manor, Cape Cod

“Summers on the Cape were spent begging my grandparents to take me to the Chatham Candy Manor, an old-school chocolatier housed in a 19th-century cottage on Main Street. A local haunt for over 50 years, the Candy Manor specializes in slow-cooked, hand-dipped chocolates, but sells everything from homemade fudge to penny candy, which makes it a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.” Chatham Candy Manor: 484 Main Street, Chatham, MA; 508-945-0825—Barkley Hickox

Candy Alley, Los Angeles

Candy Alley is one of my favorite ‘go-to’ spots in Los Angeles. Nestled on San Vicente Boulevard right next to the Brentwood Mart, this 1950’s-esque candy store has the friendliest staff in town as well as a wide selection to choose from. If you don’t see your favorite treat, they will custom order it.” Candy Alley: 13020 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA; 310-394-0714—Tara Tunney

Sweet Life, New York

“As an English girl in New York, I head to the Sweet Life on the Lower East Side for my fix of British candy, but they also have imported selections from the rest of Europe and Australia too. The store has an other-era feel with big old-fashioned candy jars filled with childhood favorites, plus sacks of dried fruit and specialty teas. Their motto is “anything can be dipped in chocolate” and I’ve found the chocolate covered gummy bears a particular hit.” The Sweet Life: 63 Hester Street, New York, NY; 212-598-0092—Nikki Ridgway

Dyan’s Candy Bar, East Hampton

“I love Dylan’s Candy Bar, but prefer the branch in East Hampton to the more overwhelming store in New York City (three packed floors, plus a cafe). The much smaller Hamptons branch, right on Main Street, has an edited selection of the best candies, and it’s a few doors down from the movie theater, so you can stock up on treats and then go see your film.” Dylan’s Candy Bar: 52 Main Street, East Hampton, NY; 631-324-6181—Simone Girner

Kilwin’s Fudge Shop, Harbor Springs

“I love Vosges in SoHo, but my penchant for decadent sweets stems from my childhood summers spent in the lakeside towns of Northern Michigan. Kilwin’s Fudge Shop in Harbor Springs is my favorite, a summertime institution where fudge is hand-paddled and spread out on thick slabs of marble. It’s ultra rich and melts in your fingers. Now, they ship to former Michigan kids and new addicts across the country.” Kilwin’s: Harbor Springs: 139 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs, MI; 231-526-9871—Brooke Pearson

Sweet Palace, Montana

“Trust me on this! Philipsburg, Montana’s Sweet Palace is the candy store of your dreams: An old-fashioned emporium on a postcard Main Street that is stocked to its tin ceilings with thousands of wrapped rarities and favorites alike. Watermelon Gum Balls? Fruity Tooty Twists? Huckleberry Swirls? Cotton Candy Blow Pops? They’re among the galaxy of goodies assembled here, along with hundreds (and hundreds) of different chocolates, dozens of taffies and 50 kinds of fudge. Each is a treat, and you’ll hardly want to give any of them away. Fortunately the SP ships fast, in case you do!” Sweet Palace: 109 E. Broadway, Phillipsburg, MT; 406-859-3353—John Cantrell

While at Rhinebeck a couple weeks ago there was a guy who could carve a mean pumpkin. Talk about skill!
Finally, dear readers, we have a new idea brewing here at Be Sweet. We’re compiling a gallery with your finished knits in Be Sweet yarns. Pull those knits out, take a photograph of yourself sporting them and send them to to help get the gallery rolling.
Happy Halloween!

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