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If you haven’t been to Santa Rosa, CA’s yarn shop, Cast Away, you’re missing out!

This blogger was fortunate enough to visit there in September and was j-e-a-l-o-u-s of people who get to call Cast Away their LYS. Full of fantastic yarn, amazing decor, the charming location and my favorite – the sunken ship full of yarn, this shop is hands down one of my favorites.

Carrying a wide array of Be Sweet yarns, Cast Away is about to host their 2nd annual Be Sweet Trunk Show. Starting Thursday, October 28th from 5:30-8:30PM, our fearless leader, Nadine Curtis, will be bringing a trunk full of wonderful goodies for you to see and feel. There will also be a special sale with 20% off all Be Sweet products as well as wine, cheese and chocolate!

Following the trunk show on November 5th from 5-8PM, Ramona Gaynor will be teaching her Fine Cowl garment, knit up in Extra Fine Mohair. Find the class information here. Find it on Ravelry here.

Ramona Gaynor's Fine Cowl

We recently asked Ramona a few questions for a mini blog interview…

Be Sweet (BS): When did you start knitting and who taught you?

Ramona Gaynor (RG): I started knitting 12 years ago. The Christmas of that year, the one thing I wanted was to learn to knit. So my mother, who had been taught by her grandmother when she was a child, put together a little booklet on how to knit and wrapped it up with yarn and needles! Though she hadn’t knitted in years with her help and booklet, I started learning. For the first year, I refused to learn how to purl. My stubbornness held reign for many LONG garter scarves — I was hooked. I slowly started advancing and when I discovered Sandi Rosner’s old knitting store, I began taking on garments, and went in for her advice when I was stuck. And then in art school I took a year and a half of machine knitting. Later, as a Fashion Design Student at CCA, I studied machine knitting and it was then that I really began focusing on knit wear.

BS: What is your favorite Be Sweet yarn?

RG: My favorite Be Sweet yarn has to be the Extra Fine Mohair. It comes in so many fabulous colors and is so light and airy plus it creates such interesting texture. Recently, I’ve been wanting to design something with the Special Knobby. And then of course there is the new Spice, Bamboo Smoothie and Sensation. I’ve got some ideas for those I really want to play with.

BS: What inspired your designs for Be Sweet?

RG: The cowl came about by playing with the yarn first and thinking about color tones blending together. Originally I envisioned something smaller and more focused on the neck, but the yarn was calling for something else. And so it evolved. As the design was taking form I started remembering a book from when I was little on South African Ndebele house paintings. I did research, and decided I wanted to bring that graphic element to the piece. But I also wanted to combine it with a regal Victorian feeling.

BS: What are your favorite things to knit?

RG: I love knitting things that you can wear around you upper body, like cowls and scarves. In much of my work (across media) I’ve dealt with the orb/cocoon shape and the feeling of being safe and inclosed — womb-like. So I’m always attracted to things that can drape or wrap around the shoulders and neck. I also like knitting hats, because they are portable and allow for different textures in a small area. But I’ve had a hankering to knit a pair of knickers for sometime, which I think I’ll have to attempt soon.
Thanks, Ramona!
We hope to see you all at Cast Away! Anchors away!


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