Across the Pond

September 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here at Be Sweet, we consider ourselves part of a larger international community. We’ve got employees from California, Washington DC, South Africa, Peru… How’s that for covering all corners of the globe?

We simply adore our US yarn shops that feature our yarns. We also love, love, love our friends across the pond who carry our products. We want to start featuring some of them so you, our dear readers, may find a shop near you that you didn’t even know carried our fabulous yarns. Besides, who can only shop at one knit shop?

The lovely Marian Artés de Arcos is the owner of Oyambre Needlework in Barcelona, Spain. Carrying items for cross stitch, patchwork quilting and knitting, this charming shop has been around since 1993 and also has an online presence.

We’d also like to give a shout out to Maria Luisa De Angeli, the owner of Unfilodi. Maria has been super enough to translate some of our patterns into Italian and they are available at her store.  The patterns for Magic Sweater, Fine Large Shawl, Fine Scarf and Shawl, Magic Triangle Shawl, Magic Textured Scarf or Shawl,  Fine Cowl and One Piece Magic Cardigan are now available for all you Italian knitters!

Visiting other knit shops is so much fin when you’re traveling. whether you’re staying in the US or venturing over to Europe, Asia, Canada or wherever, it’s interesting to see how people display things in different parts of the world, which fibers sell better in a particular climate and to see what the customers are knitting. Next time you find yourself in Italy or Spain, stop in and say hello to these great ladies!

Finally, more close to home, did you see that Webs is carrying our Magic Ball and Mohair Boucle?


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