Move Along Summer, Nothing To See Here…

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m not sure about you dear readers, but I’m over summertime.

Heck, I was over summertime after our first day over 90 degrees. Here in Washington DC it gets HOT and it’s not the constant sweating, the sunburnt skin, the thirst and constant quest for where the best air conditioning is, it’s the lack of wearing knitwear that gets to me. I miss the drape of a shawl around my shoulders, the digging in my bag for that second mitten and the coziness of a warm hat… Hurry along summertime, there’s nothing to see here. Your time is up.

Pix Is Six Sweater

One of the best things during fall is that yarn companies tend to introduce their new and exciting yarns and a whole slew of new patterns. Instead of opening a new textbook, these days I open a new web browser window and pour over what fall has to offer. Even though it’s technically still August, still well over freezing and the knitwear is still tucked away waiting patiently, my knitting needles are itching to cast on for something that screams FALL IS HERE!

Be Sweet has many a new pattern to offer up for fall. We wanted to introduce you to a few of them…

Check out our Au Natural Poncho by Ines in our new yarn Sensation Thin yarn:

Our Bamboo Pullover Poncho knit in Bamboo by Ines. Love the hood!:

Our super cute Blue Bird Tote and Bucket Bag by Sophie Kurnick, both using T-Shirt. Wouldn’t these make great project bags?:

Our Garden Route Throw by Ines using Sensation Thick:

The versatile J’t’aime Shawl by Bardet Wardell using Medium Mohair:

The Wanderlust Cardi using Extrafine Mohair by Tanis Gray:

Did you know we have over 100 fabulous patterns?

All the patterns you see here are available through Ravelry here. Check them out today! Grab your knitting needles, start wishing for fall and head on over to check out our great new designs.

Bring on fall!

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