Podcasting with Nadine & Something Blue

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Greetings, fearless readers.

Our own Nadine Curtis, founder, owner and mastermind behind Be Sweet was recently interviewed by the fabulous folks at Webs.

Listen to the podcast here or go directly to the audio file here.

Our buddy Jules Schuett over at Knit – n Jules recently designed the “something blue” for a bride this past month over in Mill Creek, Washington.  She loved working with the yarn and we love seeing the finished result!

Something Blue

Jules began to knit before she could write, learning to use needles before age five. She was fascinated seeing older women at church knitting and begged them to teach her how to knit. Each week would ask to learn a new stitch. She continued to knit throughout her childhood, finishing her first sweater out of Red Heart acrylic yarn in third grade. In home economics in high school, students were required to learn basic knitting. Since she already knew the subject beyond her years, Julie fought off boredom by helping friends learn to knit. During 10th grade she injured her knee and unable to take part in her other hobbies, knitting provided entertainment and a source of comfort to her.

In college she started a degree in Sales and Marketing but found her real passion was still knitting. She left school and worked a series of jobs that allowed her plenty of time follow her passion. In her 20’s, she began to support herself with a combination of commissioned knitting work and life guarding. When she met the love of her life, she knit him several sweaters ans after they were married and their first daughter was born, Julie knit her christening gown. After knitting various items for her children, friends encouraged her to enter items at the Minnesota State Fair and over the years, she accumulated many blue ribbons and sweepstakes awards. While volunteering at the YWCA, Julie had many inquiries about garments she had knit for her children. When she informed the inquirers that she had knit them herself, she was immediately asked if she taught any classes. Her husband was in support of the idea, saying she could teach on Monday nights while he watched their children (and Monday night football). Thus her teaching career began. Several years later she still enjoys teaching, tutoring, and doing commissioned work.


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