Finger Knitting

June 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

…And we’re back! TNNA is always an exciting time for the knitting world. You see new yarns, new notions, new color ways and new fibers you’d never even dream they could make into a yarn. Old friends are hugged, new friends are met and Jeni’s ice cream is devoured. Be Sweet showed some new fibers we’re really excited about and more to come on that in another post.

While delayed coming home from TNNA, A woman approached me and asked me how I got my 32″ circular knitting needles past airline security. She hadn’t flown for a while and was afraid to bring her knitting with her in fear of having her needles taken away, or worse, her lace knitting ripped unceremoniously off the needles, then confiscated. Fortunately, the airlines are (generally) kind to the knitters and I haven’t had anything taken away in a number of years. (On a side note, I always take a print-out of the airline rules online that state you CAN bring knitting needles. It’s good to have on hand, just in case.)

This got me thinking.

If you’re afraid of having any of your knitting paraphernalia taken away or are traveling with small children, finger knitting is a great way to keep yourself and them occupied. When I teach small children about knitting, I always start them off with this technique so they become accustomed to the feel of yarn in their hands and the concept of looping stitches over other stitches. Get them a hank of super chunky yarn, set them in front of this video and let them go to town. Guaranteed hours of crafting fun!

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