World Cup 2010!

June 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

The world is a big place. No matter where you seem to travel to there’s one thing that connects people all over the world, and it’s a question I’ve often be asked, particularly when visiting Europe surrounded by rabid fans of the sport…

“Who’s your team?”


The World Cup is starting June 11th in different locations throughout South Africa with the kickoff game being between South Africa and Mexico. Here at Be Sweet most of our yarn comes from this beautiful country, so we’re not hiding our hopes for them to win with a little help from the home court advantage! Check out all the team info here.


A world cup is a global sporting competition in which the participant entities – usually international teams or individuals representing their countries – compete for the title of world champion. A world cup is generally considered the premier competition in its sport, with the victor attaining the highest honour in that sport and able to lay claim to the title of their sport’s best. However, in some sports the Olympic title carries at least as much prestige. There are a number of notable world cups in popular sports, but it is the FIFA World Cup (an Association football tournament, first held in 1930) that is widely known simply as “the World Cup”.

If you have a soccer (or football if you’re outside the US) fan in your life, why not stitch them up a quick token for the game? There are quite a few free soccer related patterns for both knitters and crocheters on Ravelry here.

© Anna Loubser of WOLMER

May the games bring joy and happiness to the country of South Africa and may the best team win!!


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