Je t’aime, Marie Claire…

April 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bonjour, blog readers!

You know those foreign magazines you read and love? The ones you look forward to running to the international book store each month to pour over and leave with an armload of pretty?

Here at Be Sweet we love Marie Claire Maison, a French home magazine under the Marie Claire umbrella. Recently our love for MCM was intertwined with our ever-present love of knitting. Check out these amazing interiors… Can you spot the knitting or crochet in each one?

© Marie Claire Maison

© Marie Claire Maison

© Marie Claire Maison

© Marie Claire Maison

© Marie Claire Maison

How cool are those?

Remember that today is Earth Day, dear knitters. Celebrate by grabbing some bamboo, cotton, wool, strips of trash bag or fabric, WHATEVER as long as it’s Earth-friendly or recycled material. Create something to tote your farmer’s market purchases in or a gift for your favorite tree-hugger. Thank Mother Nature for giving us so many great things to knit with!

© Tokkyu2222


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